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How It Works

Whenever you spot a troll or twitter, or are being trolled yourself, simply take the URL of the troll's tweet and paste it into Troll Tax. Select your preferred charity and donate. Once the donation is complete, you can reply to the troll, notifying them of the donation with a link to the troll's page. Troll pages show every donation made on behalf of the troll, and allow others to donate as well.

Troll Tax Chrome Extension: To make donating even easier, download and install the Troll Tax Chrome Extension. After installing, all you need to do is click the troll button from any tweet's URL and it will open Troll Tax with their tweet, making donating that much easier.

Download the Troll Tax Chrome Extension.

About Troll Tax

Twitter has become overrun with trolls who diminish meaningful conversation and draw our attention away from the important issues. Troll Tax has figured out a way to put a stop to these disruptive voices for good—by flipping the conventional wisdom of “Don’t feed the trolls” on its ear.

Troll Tax gives people on the web the power to turn the negative energy of online trolling into good. A jujitsu move to benefit the causes we all care about.

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